Niagara Falls Canada Attractions

Discover the ease of creating a family time package with Niagara Falls hotel rooms and tickets to attractions, dining and shopping coupons.

Niagara Falls Canada Casinos

Year-round entertainment and exciting gaming experience, Niagara Falls casinos offer
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Niagara Falls Canada Attractions

Whether you are a young family or enjoying a night out with friends, Niagara Falls offers
attractions for every age!

Niagara Falls Canada Golfing

Dramatically situated next to the mighty Niagara the historic grounds the single most incredible public golf experience in North America!

Lots To Do And See in Niagara Falls Canada

  • Skylon Tower

    Revolving dining towering 774 feet (236 m) above Niagara gorge.
  • Directory Niagara

    Business Addresses, phone numbers, hundreds of categories and we specialize in only Greater Niagara cities only.